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Mr. Roland Hysa has finished the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy and has received the title: ECONOMIST FOR INDUSTRY. His intellectual preparation has been extended through past university studies and specializations conducted in Albania and abroad in the field of International Commerce, International Marketing, Macro-economy, Finance, Business Administration etc..

Mr. Roland Hysa is one of the first intellectuals of Albania who managed to become one of the most potential and successful businessmen in Albania after the Centralized Economy in Albania changed into Free Market Economy in 1991. Owing to his preparation as economist and sensibility of a businessman Mr. Roland Hysa changed rapidly his financial capital accumulated through commercial business into an industrial production capital.

In 1995 he bought the controlling package of the shares of former state factory of flour production in Tirana, turning it into one of the most modern companies and most powerful one for the production and trade of flour and its sub-products in Albania. This Company which today holds the name " MIELL TIRANA" Sh.A has installed Swiss "BUHLER" technological line for the production of flour with a productive capacity of 240 ton/ per day.

In 1999 he bought the controlling package of the shares of the former state factory "Uzina Dinamo". Today this company has changed completely thus becoming the greatest trade center of agricultural articles in Tirana.

Mr. Roland HYSA carries out social activities by giving his modest contribution as intellectual and businessman in a series of non-governmental organizations and institutions such as: Union of Agricultural Traders in which he holds the post of Presiden, American Chambers of Commerce,British Chamber of Commerce , Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, Union of Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry etc..

Another important aspect which Mr. Roland Hysa contributes in, is supporting people who need help like the the orphans house "Zyber Hallulli" in Tirana, The Association of Albanian Talasemics, The Association of Children with Autism, The Association of the Orphans of Policemans killed in the line of duty etc. Also Mr. Roland Hysa hives hes contribution and sponsors in historical events.

He speaks English, Bulgarian and Greek fluenly